The landscape of developer blogs in 2023


I was thinking about getting back to blogging. Write tutorials, like I would record them on Youtube, but write them out step by step. For that I wondered if my WordPress blog which I’ve set up ages ago would still do the trick.

So I created a poll on Twitter and I must say I was overwhelmed by the responses it got. At the time of publishing the poll, I had just a few followers less than 700.

It got 941 votes and was seen by more than 15.000 people. In the tweet itself, I also asked them to describe what they were using if their framework or solution wasn’t clearly mentioned in the poll. Which gave me a lot more insight then I was aiming for.

As I suspected from the beginning WordPress would still be the way to go for the most people. With 42,5% of the votes, it’s number one.

As a second option I set up October CMS, you could ask yourselves “why?”, well, just because I love working with that CMS. 4,4% of the voters went for that option.

Tailored code got 24,9% of the votes, and in the replies, the frameworks were mentioned.

And lastly, the remaining 28,3% went for “Other“.

In the replies people explained which frameworks, tools or engines they are using. Here is list of the most popular ones.

  • Laravel (custom-built, these are the hardcore dudes🤘)
  • Laravel Nova
  • Statamic
  • Storyblok
  • Blogstatic
  • Ghost
  • GitHub Pages
  • 11ty
  • Craft CMS
  • Hugo
  • Jekyll
  • Astro

I must admit, there are few of those on the list that I completely forgot about…

To everyone who replied to this Tweet, thanks! 🙌
For now I’m sticking with my WordPress setup but maybe in a few months, when I find the time I’ll do some custom development for this…

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Is PHP dead? NO it’s not…


The guys at OfferZen Origins used the footage that didn’t make the documentary on Laravel that was released last month, to create this video on PHP.

So all their memories are of, “Oh, here’s how PHP existed in 2005” or something like that.

Jeffrey Way

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