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During the weekend of 9 & 10 June the NFM Cup took place in “Vierhouten” the Netherlands.

We decided to make little vacation out of it, by traveling over there 2 days earlier.
So we arrived at the camping site on Thursday the 7th together with our friend Johan.
Upon arrival it was extremely hot, it was 35°C with a humidity of 95%.

On Friday the 8th we had a rainy morning which got the temperature down, making it more bearable for the coming event.
In the early morning I went for a run as promised during the evening the day before between gin-tonics.

And afterwords we chilled and played some UNO, because it was still raining.

Uno in de regen… #cards #winning

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On saturday it was competition time and we played our first freestyle round, which we performed smoothly.
Maybe the past run we ever did.

action shot of Luna and Bert's freestyle run
Picture by Peter Voort !

Later that day Johan played his first Distance rounds with Silver and Sky.
He would be ending up in the top 10 with both his dogs.

On Sunday Johan also played his first Freestyle round in the morning, and he totally nailed it.
If I remember correctly there were only 4 non-catches and as always his flow was spot on.
Just past the noon, Luna and I were lined up for our first distance round, which we totally screwed up, only 1 catch.

In the later afternoon both Johan and I had to play the finals.
First off was Johan with both his dogs in the distance final he ended up getting a 2nd place with Sky and got qualifier for the World Cup ! CONGRATZ MATE !

Afterwords it was our turn to play the finals in the novice freestyle, which didn’t go as planned due to some extra nerves because I was in the first position after the Saturday run.
Shortly after we played it was Johan his turn to play the finals with Silver. Agina they played a solid run.
He was in second for the freestyle after all the competitors played on Saturday and it was super close with Sandra, so actually nobody had an idea of who would take home the win.

After clearing the field of party tents, it was podium time.

Even though I wasn’t that satisfied with my 2nd run, we took home the win in the Freestyle novice class.
And Johan also took home the win in the Freestyle open class.

Podium of the Freestyle novice class

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