I work as a web developer/founder at Vulpo based in Wetteren, Belgium.
A Company that creates custom solutions for businesses and organizations using the amazing features the web provides us.

Sharing knowledge with the team is a crucial part of our organization.
But I love honing my craft by learning from others outside my own organization, by attending meetups and conferences. I also take part as a speaker for those events.
This in combination with my YouTube channel and my tutorials will give you an idea of my passion for the web.

I'm also involved in a few other companies/projects like Group SOLAR, EV-Point, Gridctrl.io. In all of which I take part in the technical side of things.

Side Projects

As a dog enthusiast, I used to compete in dogfrisbee with my Border Collie Luna, but unfortunately she's retired from the sport due to her age.
But we still show up to events to promote our webshop with professional frisbees for dogs.

After working hours I'm also active in the local dev community, where I organize a local meetup group called Devs.gent together with my buddies Freek & Elian.
We're organizing every 2 months on the last Wednesday of the month, and every web related topic goes here.
Check out our website for more information about the meetup group.

Private life

I’m living in Ghent with my lovely wife Karolien.
Together we have two children: ‘Florian’ born in 2017 and ‘Tristan’ born in 2020

To stay fit, I participate in Triathlons, and many other sport events..
To achieve this I train quite a lot on the bike and I run my fare share every week.
Lucky for me (or should I say, my calendar) I'm a former Swimmer, so I don't have to overload that part with training.