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Who is Bert?

I work as a web developer / problem solver at Vulpo Webdesign based in Wetteren, Belgium. Besides working for my own company I’m also involved in EV-Point & Group SOLAR. And last but not least I’m running a webshop with professional frisbees for dogs
For more information about my profession, feel free to contact me.

I’m living in Ghent together with Karolien. 
We’re both Dog Trainers in our spare time, and are active in Dogfrisbee. 
Together we have two children: ‘Florian’ born in 2017 and ‘Tristan’ born in 2020

Get in touch via Social Media or read my Blog.

latest blog posts

I bought a new laptop, so I need to install everything. In this video I’m taking you along the installation of Laravel Valet.

A free course on Laravel 6 (from scratch) is available on Laracasts.
This course is Created by Jeffrey Way.

We ran through this course ourselves and it came out very good, well build and understandable for any level.
So if you’re used to working with Laravel, or just getting started, go ahead and check it out.

Check out the course here.

Sport stats this year

Ever since my childhood I've been passionate about cycling. So when I get the chance, I'm out for a ride. Road Bike or Mountain Bike it doesn't matter.

Running has never been my strongest. But I'm trying as hard as I can.

As a former swimmer this may be the sport where I'm least active...


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Our Australian Shepherd - Heaven